Grant Award Terms & Conditions

1. By submitting an application to The Sirona Foundation (referred to as ‘we’ or ‘us’), the applicant being Sirona Care & Health staff, department or connected organisation named in the application (referred to as “you” in these Terms and Conditions) if awarded a grant, agrees to:

1.1. Hold the grant on trust for The Sirona Foundation and use it only for your project as described in your application or otherwise agreed with us, and only for expenditure incurred after the date of your grant award.

1.2. Provide us promptly with monitoring report about the project and its impact, to be submitted after the project is completed.  This being: small grants programme, within one year, and for grants from the larger grants programme, within two years of the end of the project.

1.3. Act lawfully in carrying out your project in accordance with best practice and follow any guidelines issued by us about the project or use of the grant and let us know promptly about any fraud, mismanagement, or misuse in relation to the grant.

1.4. Acknowledge The Sirona Foundation funding, using our logo on all promotions download logo in fundraising resources on our website.

1.5. Immediately return any part of the grant that is not used for your project.

1.6. Comply with data protection laws and obtain the consent of your beneficiaries for us and you to receive and process their personal information and contact them.

1.7. The Sirona Foundation may publicise and share information about you and your project including your name and images of project activities. You hereby grant us a royalty free licence to reproduce and publish any project information you give us. You will let us know when you provide the information if you don’t have permission for us to use it in this way.

1.8.  Your project is being delivered in the Sirona Care and Health Communities: Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

2. You acknowledge that we are entitled to suspend or terminate the grant and/or require you to repay all or any of the grant if any of the following situations occur. You must let us know if any of these situations have occur or are likely to occur.

2.1. You use the grant in any other way that has been approved by us or fail to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions.

2.2. You fail to make good progress with your project or do not or are unlikely to complete the project or achieve the objectives agreed with us.

2.3. You have match funding for the project withdrawn or receive or fail to declare any duplicate funding for the same project costs as funded by the grant.

2.4. You provide us with false or misleading information either on application or after the award of the grant, or you act dishonestly or if we consider for any other reason, public funds are at risk, or you do anything to bring us into disrepute.

2.5. You receive any grant money incorrectly either because of an administrative error or otherwise. This includes where You are paid in error before You have complied with your obligations under these terms and conditions. Any sum, which falls due under this paragraph 2.5. If you fail to repay the due sum immediately, or as otherwise agreed with us, the sum will be recoverable summarily as a civil debt.

3. You acknowledge that:

3.1. The grant is for your use only:

3.2. We will not increase the grant if you spend more than the agreed budget and we can only guarantee the grant as long as The Sirona Foundation continues to operate and we hold sufficient funds.

3.3. The grant is not consideration for any taxable supply for VAT purposes.

3.4. We do not hold any liability for any costs or consequences incurred by you or third parties that arise directly or indirectly from the project, nor from non-payment or withdrawal of the grant, save to the extent required by law.

3.5. These Terms and Conditions will continue to apply for one year after the grant is paid or until the project has been completed, whichever is later.

3.6. if the application and grant award are made electronically, the agreement between us shall be deemed to be in writing and your online acceptance of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be the equivalent of your signature on that agreement.

Leaving a Legacy

By leaving a gift in your will, you make important changes to the health and wellbeing of our local communities [or make important changes to the lives of people living in our local communities across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. Your incredible generosity will make an important difference and support those most in need for generations to come.

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The Sirona Foundation funding will be transformational for Hillfields Community Garden. As we support the delivery of our regular monthly and weekly groups, recognising the huge contribution of our core volunteers. So far this year we have run 21 groups and events and had nearly 600 visitors. Support from the Foundation means grass roots organisations like ours can thrive in areas that really need support in developing nature and community connections.

Hillfields Community Garden

Great for children to meet new friends who understand how they feel. Really good space for children to meet and play and be themselves. Lovely how you introduce parents and children who are struggling. We would love to do it again, it builds great confidence.

Stammer Group

The grant from the Sirona Foundation means that The Grace Period Project can reliably supply ‘Grace bags’ containing free period products to over 60 people across North Somerset every month. With the support from the Sirona Foundation, we plan to expand our support across North Somerset to raise awareness about period poverty and reduce the stigma around periods.

The Grace Period Project

The group was relaxed and informative. It was great to have both English and Bangladeshi spoken, and really helpful to hear others experience, we are now more aware of the symptoms of a stroke.

Health Links Community Outreach